Indian Barrister

Dual Qualified Indian Barrister Services

We are perhaps unique in that our service allows you to instruct an Indian Barrister in the UK who are members of the English bar and

regulated by the Counsel of England of Wales, and dual qualified as Indian advocates to provide specialist legal advice and


Our clients find that by having a one port of call for legal service in London and Delhi in providing clear, independent , expert legal

advice on complex and more straightforward legal disputes.

Our Barrister services provide the following services:

  • Expert legal advice on English law, the laws of the European Union, and international law.
  • Specialist legal drafting, pleadings on both domestic and international law and conflicts of law. The barristers instructed can

provide a broad and in-depth service on interpreting contracts as well as commercial legal advice.

  • We can provide the expert services of an English barrister as an expert witness in Indian and foreign courts on aspects of English

and international law.

  • Expert advocacy in international courts where rights of audience are permitted and in Indian courts, including the Supreme Court

by our dual qualified Indian Barristers.

If you are contemplating litigation in the courts of England and Wales, contact us first for a barrister’s opinion on the merits of your case

and how best to proceed. We can also advise you on the most suitable partner firms of solicitors should it be necessary to instruct them

in your case.

Corporate Indian Barrister Services: Chancery and commercial litigation.

We instruct some of the leading Chancery and Commercial Barristers in London, noted for their exceptional advocacy and highly skilled

written arguments.

We are within a five minute radius of the Chancery Division and Queens Bench Division of the High Court and The London Court of

International arbitration and International Dispute Resolution Centre, which is a mere 2 minutes walk.