• Corporate Sector and Business
  • Individuals
  • Expatriates and foreign businesses/employment in India
  • Lawyers and Law firms
  • Non-Resident Indians (NRI and PIO)
  • Non-Govermental Organisations (NGO’s)

We offer a tailor made service for clients, Indivduals, Companies, Inter-state matters in both the public, private and NGO sectors. Our
range of legal services extends to professional clients including corporate law firms, solicitors, barristers chambers, in house legal
departments, governments and local authorities.
Getting the right advice at an early stage can be vital. Attempting litigation in India or getting timely advice for a foreign company or
resident can be a daunting, expensive and stressful experience. Our aim

We understand the needs of UK and Indian businesses which transcend borders. As lawyers who operate in both jurisdictions who are
able to put together the right specilaist team is crucial in a harsh economic climate. We provide a local approach to international multidisciplinary
company and commercial matters.

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Business and commercial disputes
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Banking and Finance
  • Outsourcing and Information Technology ( see our specialist outsourcing section)
  • Arbitration ( see our specialist Arbitration India section )
  • Employment and Labour Laws
  • Construction
  • Immigration laws (UK and India)
  • Environmental Law and environmental tort litigation
  • Property and real estate
  • Regulatory law
  • International and domestic criminal law, fraud, corruption, corporate liability.
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Human Rights law and compliance
  • Employment and Labour Laws
  • Regulatory

We offer a unique service to law firms based in India and the UK, who require the services of a law firm in another jurisdiction, for
example ; seeking disclosure and discovery for litigation or matrimonial or immigration disputes where one of the parties is based, or
has a financial interest, in either India or the United Kingdom. We have handled instructions through solicitors for work undertaken in
India which has received prior authority funding from the Legal Services Commission (LSC). Here are some examples of the our
specialist services to other lawyers:

  • Evidence gathering and investigation
  • Obtaining Court orders, Court records and documents
  • Advice and written legal opinions on Indian law
  • Tracing witnesses with a view to taking witness statements or depositions
  • Commencing proceedings in India
  • Asset tracing and recovery

We provide legal and consultancy services for expatriates and foreigners living and working in India. Dealing with Indian regulatory,
immigration, business and employment laws can be complex and bewildering. Our method of working is based on the same client care
principles as a law firm operating in the UK. Clear and expert advice, specialist representation and keeping you informed and aware
underpins our ethos.

Our strength lies in our years practice in the English legal system and expert knowledge of English law and procedure. Our service allows
you to instruct us directly in Delhi, providing ease and peace of mind. We provide an open interface with the increasing number of Indian
entrepreneurs and businesses doing business in the UK and Europe. We can provide specialist advice and representation in applying for
business visas for you or your employees working in the United Kingdom.

NRI’s often find the process of dealing with legal disputes in India a daunting and stressful experience. Our service allows NRI’s to
instruct an Indian lawyer in London, to litigate in India, saving time, costs as well as the expense of having to travel to India frequently.
What makes us different is that our client care is based on the principles based on the lawyer-client relationship in the UK, which means
client care letters and keeping you informed of the progress of your case.

We provide specilalist advice and represenation on human rights and civil liberties issues, to national and international NGO sector from
individual matters to class actions and group litigation. We work closely with the leading human rights organisations in India and are
able to advise, provide human rights reports and pursue public interest litigation on behalf of NGO’s Our wealth of international human
rights experience provides unique services to the NGO and public sector.